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Social Walks

£12 for 1 hour

Daycare Alternative


Your dog will be walked completely alone for one-2-one attention.

Limited space and times available.

Solo Walks

(limited availability)

£15 for 30 min

Great for play, socialisation & recall. 1+ hour walks are recommended & can help with issues like destructive behavior, inappropriate toileting & anxiety.

A day of WILDwood fun for your dog.

Your dog will be with me for 3.5 hours+ & will come on a minimum of 2 completely different walks.

Please Note: this is a 

DAYCARE ALTERNATIVE, your pooch will not come to a house or building, the dayare alternative will start and end when the walks do.

Having a Bath

Nail Trim

& Basic Grooming

From £2.00

Only when added to daycare alternative

cat sitting torquay

Pet Pop-Ins

(limited availability)

From £7.00

Veterinarian with Dog

Pet Taxi
@ Competitive prices

Contact Me for a Quote


We walk in the best locations for the most enjoyable walks and also for safety and according to the weather. We will go out of our way if its very hot to walk in the cool and near water, not just the closest and easiest for us.


Need  to cancel or rearrange at the last minuet-NO problem!

Infection control

Our vehicle is professional cleaned every 2 Weeks and cleaned as needed weekly/daily. Towels are changed daily (more on rainy days) and crates and pet areas are disinfected with SAFE4 defra approved animal disinfectant.

get what you pay for

Your dogs will always be walked for at least the time scheduled, never, ever less but sometimes maybe more*

*In extreme heat, we reserve the right to end a walk early if we feel the dogs are struggling.

pet sitting torbay, torquay

Pet Sitting ... Sorry not available, we are too busy out walking.

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