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Natural Antler Dog Chew
  • Natural Antler Dog Chew


    The Wild Antler Co - 100% natural chew for dogs. Our antlers are grade AA & A that are gathered every year after our deer naturally shed their antlers. Antlers are a great natural chew for dogs as they're high in natural minerals and nutrients, low in fat, great for elderly and young dogs with weaker teeth, low odour, long lasting & great for dental hygiene.

    • Natural Antlers

      • Long lasting, no mess or odour
      • Low fat
      • Rich in minerals and calcium
      • Great for dental hygine
      • Suitable for puppies, especially while teething
      • 100% ntural and delicious, no additives or preservatives
      • Wont splinter, chip or cause blockages
      • Responsibly sourced
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